What are Functional Teas?

Functional tea infusions are a mixture of teas and herbs that can help you achieve your goals of health and fitness.

Are these magic weight-loss pills? Of course not. They are simply a natural form of supplementation that goes hand-in-hand with a healthy diet and active lifestyle. If you go into any health food store, there are hundreds or even thousands of supplements, each with a specific purpose. However, just taking a look at the ingredients list can give you a headache, not to mention trying to pronounce them! We found that creating mixtures of clean-grown premium herbs can match the benefits of these supplements, but without using chemicals produced in labs.

Finding the right mixture of herbs to achieve a desired effect, all while maintaining a tasty flavor, is the key. It is also crucial to make sure the ingredients being used are all-natural and sourced from a clean environment. This is one of the reasons why at Playa we decided to use South American ingredients from local farms—the leading global products for “detox” were grown in polluted regions of China and India.